Use 1 form to create un-linked tasks in 2 projects?

Hey folks, apologies if this is answered somewhere else on the forums, but after much searching I didn’t quite find what I was looking for.

We have a form that is being used by external clients to create tasks for our design team on their design board. Is there a way to have these same form submissions also create a (non-linked) task on another board for the sales team?

Ideally the flow I want is: Client submits form - it creates a task on both design and sales projects that can be updated separately (i.e. completing the design task doesn’t complete the sales task)

Is this something that is possible with rules or an integration or would I just need to manually duplicate the created task from one project to another? Thanks!


If you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise, you could use a rule triggered upon the new task from the form to add to it a subtask (that’s a separate task, but a “child” of the form submission task) that could be homed to the other project/board.

Asana rules don’t allow creation of a duplicate task, so the above is the closest you can get natively.

Perhaps Zapier,, or (/cc @Phil_Seeman) can address your request more closely.


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