Add to project from Form

We’re trying to use forms to automate some of the processes between teams, and part of this is around creating visibility from each project. For example, when a work request is submitted for a specific project, right now we have to request the project link via the form and manually add it to that project.

It would be useful if a submitter could just add it to their project directly in the form.

Hello @Jessica_Ryan-Smith one option could be adding a single- or multi-select custom field to the form and depending on the selection the task is multi-homed automatically.
Or you can add a single-select field with team member’s names and depending on the name selected the task is multi-homed. Would that help?

Agree with @Andrea_Mayer suggestion, I think that solution would work really well! Let us know if you have any questions, Jessica!

@Emily_Roman this would only work if we were using the same project for each ‘category’. We’re an agency, so are always creating new projects to support briefs, so using a multi/single select would probably require more admin!

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