Need Forms to reference data from Tasks & Projects

Need Forms to reference data from Tasks & Projects!!!

  • Have a form be able to list projects from teams in multiple dropdowns in separate questions in the form.
  • Be able to multi-select projects in a dropdown from the same team so form data can place a task in multiple projects. or be able to search multiple projects using a search field in a form after selecting a single or multiple projects.
  • Be able to search a predefined project (in the form) for a task by having a search field in the form and then just typing in the name of the task and then selecting the task
  • Be able to change specific Custom Fields of a task from a form by selecting the task and then checking a box in a form.

Usability Example:

  • Fill a form that’s in an ORDERS Project for each item that’s bought. Then if its being delivered, the form can indicate when it’s being delivered (custom date field) and to where, from custom field linked form question single select drowndown, that has all office locations preentered, for what location its shipping to.
  • Receiver at that location has access to a project that provides a list view of what is on order for that locator
  • Receiver gets the package, and wants to mark it as RECEIVED — Although we want them to fill a form to indicate damage if there is any with photos, easily fit mobile.
  • This requires a form that is connected to the orders project / receiving project and allows the user to type to search open orders, then from the results as you type list, select from a dropdown the list of orders arriving …they can indicate any damage if any, submit photos, and submit the form which if there’s damage,it may change the flow and set a custom field in the order project to PENDING RETURN AUTH, so that the order manager can then request for a new order and access the pics of the damaged package for filling the claim.

Another Example:

  • if each client is a project, then if you want to create a new service ticket for a client, in the form, you just specify when designing the form which team the form will search in a specific formquestion, then when you fill the form, you just type the name of the client which is the project name and then you choose the client from a list of results as you type, and this allows you to create a new support ticket for that client and it puts that task into the project that was chosen and optionally one other project as well where it shows all tickets for all clients

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