Forms in Project Templates


We use forms to record travel time for our employees.

We have created the appropriate form for this and created a template from the project. Now whenever there are projects where colleagues have to travel there is a task in the project with the link to the form.

Our problem now is that when the form is filled out, the task always ends up in the original project in which the form was created. Is there a way that when a project is created, a task with a form is automatically created and when the form is submitted, the corresponding task ends up in the current project and not in the original project where the form was first built?

Welcome, @Stev_1964,

It sounds like your project template has a task with a link hardcoded in it to the original project’s form, not to the form in the project in which the task resides. There isn’t an automatic way to replace that hardcoded link with a link to the newly-created project’s form. However, two options exist:

  1. Don’t include the link but rather the steps to get the link, e.g., For travel time form: Customize > Forms > Travel form . . . menu > View form
  2. Whoever creates the new project from the template, immediately upon project creation copy that link and paste it in the task. You can include this setup task with assignment to help ensure it gets done once on new project creation each time.

Hope that helps,