Likely issues with America/Mexico_City timezone


Recently, in Mexico, the time change was removed. A lot of libraries don’t account for that.

All my automation used to run ~30 minutes past midnight. Now, they run ~30m before midnight. This causes issues, e.g.,

Asana moved this Task from “Inbox” to “Task due tomorrow” in My Tasks. Yesterday at 23:32
Asana changed the due date to Today. Yesterday at 23:32

The due date shouldn’t change and should remain “tomorrow.”

Everything worked normally until recently. (I can’t fill a bug for some reason.)

Hi @MishaUsesAsana,

Not sure why you were unable to file it as a bug, but I moved it there!

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Thanks for the report folks, I have filed a bug for our team to look into this - I’ll report back as soon as I have an update. Thanks!


This is still an issue for me.

Still an issue.

Hi @MishaUsesAsana, our Developers are still working on a fix for this issue, and there’s no ETA to share just yet, but as soon as we have any updates we’ll be sure to share here :slight_smile:

Hello @Marie, same issue here in Mexico City, when I set a due time for a meeting (eg. 9:30am), next day in the morning the task shows (8:30am), please keep us posted on any update. Thanks

Hi everyone, our Developers have implemented a fix for this issue, but let me know if the problem persists after refreshing. Thanks!

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