Let Daily Digest remind you of tasks due like before (instead of just yesterday)

The Daily Digest email used to summarize tasks due, also in the past. So if there is something I should have done last week but didn’t, it keeps reminding you. Which was a good thing.

To make room for two new sections, the email now only shows up to seven tasks that are due yesterday or the upcoming five days.

So, without a proper heads up, anything due before yesterday will fall through the cracks. Unless you always have time to open up Asana and look at the red numbers. Inbox probably/hopefully works the same. It’s not a setting. You should probably inform your users they overlooked tasks because of this.

The new sections the email now informs you about are:

  • Recently assigned to you (also seems to trigger on new tasks for yourself) - you get a separate notification for this already.
  • Tasks assigned to others (section always appears, also if there are no tasks) - you probably know this as it’s something you did.

I’m currently promoting Asana as a GTD system for individuals as it can easily scale up to organizations. For this, nothing has to fall through the cracks, and now it does.

The new sections add no value and I came across several overlooked due tasks lately. There is no setting to for instance skip the new sections so there is room for the important tasks. Support just “notifies the Product Team about this use case” like most support teams do.

Asana finally “decided”: “Unfortunately, it does not seem like we will be making any changes to our daily summary feature at this time.” (case #118334) so I guess I’ll need to find a new trustworthy task manager.

Although it is interesting to see nobody cares. I wonder what I’m missing - besides my out-of-sight tasks…