Leaves, FMLA, ADA Administration & Tracking

Hello, does anyone know how I can set up Asana to work as my leave tracker for specific leaves and tasks based on the leave request & approval?

I’ve been searching but the only thing I see is time & attendance for sick days and vacation.

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Hi @Anika_Robinson welcome to the forum. I’d recommend using an Asana form to log leave requests and have it move onto a board that has sections for your workflow like ’ New Requests, Reviewing, Declined and Approved

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Thank you very much. I apologize for the delay in my reply. The notifications were stuck in my firewall.

This may be a crazy question but depending on the type of leave the tasks will vary. Would I create template tasks for each type of leave and copy them to each person? If yes, could the copy template task be added as a workflow step upon submission of the form? Thank you.

Hi @Anika_Robinson no problem at all. You could (if you are on a tier that allows) do it so that depending on the leave they select in the form that you have a rule to add specific subtasks based off of that

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