layout - not list/board - template, to change.

but if I choose - or example -
in a new project - general-template - “all-company meeting”.

but later decide - I want - “board meeting agenda”.

can I change the layout - in the project - to switch/change/edit, or someway?
Thank you.

Hello @bullxead, welcome to Asana Forum.
If I understand your question correctly, my answer is:
yes, you can change your prepared template as you like (like any other projects), you can also change projects made by you templates. More information you can find here:

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Just like Charlie, I am bit confused by the question.
You can later change the layout of your project. However you can’t change the template it is based on.

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thank you very much for your help, and information.
First, try, so maybe was a little confused.

So there is - layout,
And there is the - template.

And I can’t change in my project - template?
is it correct?

as an example - I started the project - “blank”,
but in some moment want to change layout/template - with keeping tasks - to “business plan” - and I can’t’ do that.
Appreciated for help, and Happy New Year.

You can’t apply a template to a project after it has been created. Maybe that is your missing part.

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