How do I edit a template?


I’m trying to figure out how to edit a template that I created. I can’t find a topic on this in the Knowledgebase and can no longer find anywhere to contact support to ask a question…is that supposed to be here? Please help me - I need to get this edited today. thanks!


Great question @Kristi_Shadid. You can edit a template you created by finding it in the top search bar or the sidebar, and then editing the information within it. You can’t edit it from the “Templates” area, but if you find the template by name using search, you should then be able to make any edits necessary. I’ll provide screenshots below:

For example, if I have this template, I can’t edit it from this “Templates” window when I’m creating a new project:

But if I search for the project name, and find it:

Once I click into the project, I can then make edits:

Does that make sense?


Hey Katie,

That totally makes sense for Asana, but I feel like that’s not how Templates usually work, yaknow? I figured I’d be able to edit the Template as it’s own standalone thing (without affecting the original project it came from), the way it would work when using templates in sayyy Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

I got the premium version for this, and now I kinda feel like I can just make a copy of a project, stop paying for premium, and use that project as something closer (for me) to a template.

Would love the ability to edit a template independent of the project that is being used as a template.



Sorry for any confusion, @Mike_O_Brien. You can copy the template project and then make changes to that instance of the project without it affecting the template. Is that what you are looking to do?


I have the same question. I understand how to create a template from a project, but once the template is created, is there a way to access the template to make edits?

Example: I’ve created a template for Website Build, which has many tasks/subtasks assigned to different people. From time to time, we make process changes that would require me to tweak the template so it aligns with the revised process. Or…say a Designer leaves and is replaced, I’d need to go into the template and re-assign tasks to the new Designer. Possible?

Or…do I need to use the template to create a project, make the changes in the project, and save it as a new template to replace the old?


Hi folks! You should be able to access the template! It will exist just like a normal project does and will have Template written beside it in the project header. You can find it just like any other project in search and edit it as such.


But why is a Template organized like a Project? Makes no sense to me…but can make it work.
For me, it’s most efficient to have all my Templates together so that when I need to use one, they’re easy to find. So, I created a Team called “Task Templates” and keep all the Tempates there.
That’s where it seems counterintuitive. I have to create a Team to keep all my Templates together.


Hi, new to Asana. Sorry if I missed htis, but how do you rename a template? Thanks in advance!


You can search the project in the search bar, or find it in the left side pane within the project’s list, and once you have found it you can rename it as you would do for a non template project.