Kill the Hearts

Would love another option to replace the heart icon (thumbs up, vote, etc). Not everyone is into hearts.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Anthony_Vicars! This is definitely on our radar. We’ve noted your request! Stay tuned. :+1:


Hearts turned to likes the other day, then went back to hearts…

So… what’s up?

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I agree. Our team also uses Slack to communicate, and I’ve added gold stars as kind of a silly little “reward”. Some of our editors have actually purchased real gold stars and put them on their monitors each time I give them a star in Slack.

While it might seem silly to have something other than a heart, making a team motivational tool out of the emoticonish approval isn’t that bad of a suggestion. I’d love to have a gold star and/or a happy face. Just so I don’t always have to use the heart.

There are a couple more threads on this topic. I liked the hearts better - #4 by Tara_Mele


I like the hearts and miss them!! Let’s just offer options instead of only one thing.


For me personally, hearts say “I love it.” Thumbs up say, “Got it.” I feel like hearts apply more to conversations and thumbs up apply more to task/project comments.
Someone commented the thumbs up turned it into a “Facebook feed” but hearts started with Twitter, I think.

I don’t know, of all the things Asana could focus on, I find this one pretty low on my priority list.

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I used the hearts for GTD style ‘next action’ on a list of to-do’s in a project.

Now I don’t have a way of doing that :frowning:

I guess I’ll be using the thumbs up for the same purpose.