Change icon of approval status from a tick to a thumbs up that looks like it is a go ahead

Hi guys

Can you please change the icon for the approval status from a tick (that looks like a task is done) to a thumbs up that looks like it is a go ahead.

See attached

Then, you will also see the task to the left is greyed out and makes it look like it is done but it is not done yet…is there a better way of showing the card as approved?


Hi @SixfootJames, thanks for providing this feedback! While we don’t have any plans to change the approval icon at this time, I’ll keep you posted and let you know if anything changes :slight_smile:

The thing is, technically, the task is completed when it’s approved, even if you request changes. So the design is coherent with the “data”, even though to me it is a bad decision ^^

We use this feature differently @Bastien_Siebman where we need the approval from a client before a task goes ahead. So maybe we need a way for everyone to choose their own icons so that it means different things in different use cases?

Maybe but Asana will never do that, they keep the tool as simple as possible…