The hearts are back in Asana!

If you want the hearts back in Asana, install the following Chrome or Firefox extension.

Once you install the extension, click on it and you can turn on / off the heart replacement functionality among other things.

If you have any feature requests, please let me know!

Chrome Version:

Firefox Version:


People love hearts so much they are building tools to have them back, love it!!!


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Thank you!

I just feel sorry for people not using Chrome who are stuck with the boring “Like” icon.


spread the love! :heart:

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Thanks for inspiring me to port this extension to Firefox :slight_smile: This extension now works in both Chrome, and Firefox as well!


Hey Everyone!

Just pushed out a new version of the Asana Lover Extension for Chrome & Firefox (Firefox pending approval).

A new feature has been added that allows you to hide tasks in the future that are further than X amount of months away. This can be handy if you’ve got an awesome team, who are already setting up tasks months in advance, but that you don’t want to see within your tasks feed until they get a bit closer.

If you have any questions/comments or feature requests, please let me know!


Is it possible to use this new feature without the heart? I like my thumbs better.

Hey! Absolutely. When you install the extension, simply click on the icon that gets added to your browser, all options are toggleable on / off!


If anyone has any issues with this, please let me know!

Hey Kris; Michael here from Asana!

I :hearts: that you :hearts:ed our :two_hearts: so much that you took initiative to create your own extension to, well, bring back the love!

I remember when we first made this change. While many of our members were looking for a way to show appreciation for a comment/action that felt more “professional” than an exploding heart, many of our members just loved showing love!

Next time I get a request for us to bring hearts back I’d be happy to forward them to this extension. I know they’ll :hearts: it!


This is amazing! Thank you!

I’m curious, is it a bug or a feature that the “off” state shows a thumbs up and the “on” state shows a heart for me? (I’d prefer to see no thumbs ups, only hearts)

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Glad you like it!

If you have the “Heart/Thumb Replacement” Checked/Marked Green, then it should be replacing thumbs with hearts. Is that what you’re experiencing?

Woohoo :slight_smile: Thanks so much Michael!

Yes it is! Is there a reason not to have empty hearts for the unchecked state?