Kanban View

We would like to use the Kanban Board View (is this the Board View I guess) …. But this view is organized following the section titles. We would like to have it organized following the priorities - high, medium, low - or filter it by the persons. So we would like to chance

the Kanban board view easily. At the moment we have only 1 board view.

At the moment we have the Premium version of Asana - is this a tool which we can use with the Business abo?

I could not test the trial of the Business Version because we already tested the goal function last month……

But anyways looking forward to your answers concerning the uses of the Kanban board on Asana



This is indeed not possible at the moment, the columns can only be sections.

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Thanks for the answer! And that’s also not possible in the Business Version?
If it’s possible - please could we get anther trial of 30 days ;)?


No, sorry, nobody has this feature :slight_smile:

ok - we have the idea from this link … so we have a big ? at the moment

what feature would then be in the trial?

On this page, the Kanban has columns based on sections. You can’t create columns for priority unless they are sections! If you do have priority as sections, then even the free version has the feature.

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