Kanban layout and design


Hello every one . please check my kanban and tell me what do you think about it . below is my question :

  1. How can I set the background color for each task .like red ,blue means urgent ,delay …

  2. I sort out my business for 4 work field and I want each field including backlog ,waiting ,done ,active etc… How can I do it ?

  3. It seems if create subtask in kanban task it will not show in kanban screen , I have to open then find out the detail ? Do we have some solution if I hover mouse on task it will shows the detail without open the task .

if you have good idea or good kanban template please share . thanks



  1. I think you can’t, you are stuck with tags to apply colors at the top of the card…
  2. Can’t you have 4 Kanban boards?
  3. You can’t see subtasks in card, no solution yet…

Hope that helps!

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many thanks ,