Jira-Server + Asana: Which IPs to whitelist


We have a self hosted jira instance with IP whitelisting. We want to connect asana with jira but, of course, it’s not getting any connect, as the IPs are not whitelisted, yet.
As Asana seems to be hosted in AWS, we tried reverse lookup of app.asana.com to whitelist, but it fails.

Is there a list of IPs available?


You should contact support they should be able to share the list of IPs

I am not sure they would post it here publicly.

Take care

I have the exact same issue and Asana Support gave me IPs which still did not work. Just curious to know if this has been resolved and if so, how?

I believe you should keep working with support on this. I know one of my clients (Enterprise plan) is working closely with the support to get this resolved. I am not sure if you’ll get the same level of support but it is worth trying!

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