Japan Data Center is Now Live!🇯🇵

Hey Asana Community,

My name is Albert Traylor and I am a product marketer on the infrastructure team. I’m excited to share that we now offer a data center in Japan! We originally announced this data center here and today I wanted to drill down a bit on what this means for the community.

What’s available today

Asana currently offers global infrastructure with locations in Virginia, Frankfurt, and Sydney. In addition to the existing infrastructure, Asana is now adding a new data center in Tokyo, Japan with in-region back-up in Osaka. For Asana Enterprise tier customers this means meeting data residency obligations by storing tasks, projects, attachments, and intellectual property in Tokyo.

How do I migrate my data?

To find your current residency status you’ll need admin access. Then navigate to the admin console → Security → and scroll down to see your current primary data storage region.

If you feel the Japan data center (or another region) is the right decision for your domain, reach out to your Asana account manager. If eligible, your account manager will submit a migration request on your behalf to Asana’s engineering team and you’ll receive a notification once the migration is complete.

To wrap up, we’ve added Japan to our global infrastructure options. If migrating to this region is the right decision for your domain, we are happy to assist. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.


Where do I find our asana account manager? Is this only available for Enterprise tier customers or also for business tier customers?

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Hi, @Lukas_Kerecz Japan data center is available only for Asana Enterprise domain customers. Please contact sales via Contact our Sales Team • Asana if you are interested in!

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It depends on various factors whether or not you have an Account Executive. If you ask the support they should be able to tell you!