Where does Asana keeps all data?

Hi, I’m not sure if this question should be here in Integrations. I want to know where Asana keep all my data? I didn’t find this info.
iCloud? Asana’s servers?

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Maybe Trust at Asana • Asana can answer your question?

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Hi, Bastien. thank you! AsI have read “Asana uses Amazon Web Services (RDS & S3) to manage user data” and snapshots of the database "securely move them to a separate data center ".
I wanted to know if I can keep my Asana’s data in any cloud that I use - Google, Seafile. But as I have understood - can’t. Ok. Thank your help!

Oh no you can’t, it’s all in Asana’s servers. @Marie you don’t have any on-premise option for Entreprise clients?

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I’m a private customer ))

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Hi @Nastya and welcome to the Asana Community Forum.

As it stands, I’m afraid it is not possible to host your Asana data in a third-party cloud solution!


thanks for reply!

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