Issues with email forwarding and task creation

I believe I have banged my head against email → tasks issue for a while and have a fairly good understanding of the restrictions imposed on it. I will outline what I want to happen and why I don’t think it’s working…

Our organization uses google workspace and we ant to set up support boards for issue triage with workflow etc. I want to have a google group called that notifies a group of people, sends an automatic response and creates a ticket in the board with the correct creator etc.

I’ve tried a couple of things:

1. Add the address to the google group

This should really be as complex as it needs to be, and this works if the sender is a address, however if I send from my personal email this ends up failing with:

We couldn’t process your email because it was sent by but your email domain is Please contact your email admin to update your mail server’s email settings.

This is due to the fact that the way google groups works is that it sends the email with the From header as my personal address but has originated from’s mail servers as far as asana is concerned. Google groups doesn’t offer a way to change the From address to the group email unfortunately which makes sense given how it’s supposed to behave.

2. set up a routing rule so that is added as a recipient when the recipient is

This works if the external domain is using google mail servers, e.g. gmail addresses, but if it’s using some other mail servers then you get this:

We couldn’t process your email because it was sent from a server that is not authorized to send emails for Please contact your email admin to update your domain’s email settings.

I assume this is due to spf alignment or something.

Problem Statements and Next Steps

  • It looks like the only way asana will accept the mail is if it’s sent from an email address that is linked to an account on the asana board and that email passes spf alignment etc
  • It does not look like I can change the from address to via google workspace by routing rules, which I wanted to avoid anyway so as ticket creator attribution actually works
  • A working approach is to create an actual account that has a mailbox so that the mail is actually received by google workspace and copied to a new email using a forwarding rule, this way the headers should pass asana’s validation rules. However this is really nasty solution and presents a host of other issues such as:
    • we needlessly pay for a user account when we don’t need one
    • managing users in who would have access to just that client’s support is problematic
    • security implications of a shared user account
    • this breaks ticket creator attribution

I guess from here I would like to know if anyone has a working solution to get a custom email address associated with an asana board using google workspace while maintaining the creator attribution and user validation (i.e. you can’t create a ticket without being on the board).

I.e. Is there some some set of routing rules or custom headers and or some settings in asana to get the email validation to pass??

Note: I have found and reviewed the below info and it has not been helpful beyond understanding the general current state of things:

Just wanted to join the conversation to add that we are struggling with this as well. We’d love to have our Google Group info@domain address create tasks automatically in Asana so that we can assign them appropriately to our staff members that need to respond.

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