Issues with Approval Rules in two different sections

Hello All,

I am facing a problem with the newly introduced rule format.

My project has different sections. The rules for those sections are:

1- If a task is created from form, assign to a specific person and convert it to an approval task (Working fine)
2- if the task is approved, move it to the section 2, mark task as incomplete, assign it to another person. (Working fine)
3- If the task in the section 2 is approved, move it to section 3 and unmark it as approval (Not working).

The issue with the 3rd step is that it confuses it with the step 2 and it keep it in its place.

Although I have mentioned in my rules that when a task comes to section 2, and the task is approved, move it to section 3. But it is not working.

I think the new rules are not differentiating between different approvals in different sections. They are considering that approvals can be used only once in the whole project.

My question:

1- how to make the rules differentiate between approvals in different sections? It used to work with the old rules system.
2- I think that the the trigger “when task is added to the project” is only showing “from form” and not showing from other form.
3- In my opinion, I didn’t like the new system although “if statements” are introduced. However, it messes up lot of workflow I used in many different projects before.

If anyone can help me figure it out, I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you all in advance

Best Regards

Samer Jaber

Hi @Samer_Jaber ,

  1. In the check if section of the new rule builder (i.e., the middle of the 3 sections), you can add a condition for “Task is in section…” to differentiate between rule 2/3.
  2. I’m not sure I understand this question; in the new rule builder, your trigger would be “Task is added to this project”, your condition would be “Task is added from form…” (you can select which specific form if you have multiple forms on projects, which allows you to create different workflows for different forms).

As an aside, I didn’t know that unmarking tasks as an approval was supported (unless you’re using one of the external actions).

Honestly, I really wouldn’t make the main task the approval unless the approval itself is the last step in the process. Have you thought about adding approval subtasks instead or using a custom field to trigger the approval

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Thank you Stephen for your reply.

As for your first point, I tried this option but still the rule is not working as it should be. It is always referring to rule 1 and execute its approval rule.

Regarding your second point, I know about different forms. But in the old rules system, when selecting “Task is added to this project” there was two different options: “All Task” and “From form”.
I used this one because some rules I am using are sending tasks to different project and bring it back.

As for the unmarking tasks as approval, yes, I am using the external actions

I don’t prefer to use subtasks as approvals because rules don’t work on subtasks… There is an option saying that you can use rules on tasks and subtasks but only if all subtasks are approved. and this is not what I want.

A a workaround, I created customized field with approvals and put the rules on. But this is still a workaround. In the old system it was much more easier

@Samer_Jaber - are you using the conditions (the middle of the 3 sections) in the new rule builder? This allows you to apply your rule only when specific conditions (like which form a task came from, which section it’s in, current approval status, etc.) are met. In the below image, that middle “Check if” section is how you can split out your rules; see the second condition “Section is…”. If you have multiple conditions that all need to be met, make sure you’re using the AND logic between your checks (not the default OR). If you’re still having trouble, could you screenshot your rule(s) and add them here?

@Stephen_Li , As you ca see, I have the first rule which is working. It is assigning the task to me and it is marked as approval

The second rule is:

So the task received in the section “to do” when approved should go to “In progress” and mark the task incomplete.
It is working fine and I am getting the below:

But whenever I introduce the third rule which is:

What is supposed to happen is when I press on the approve button again, it would move it to “Complete” and it would unmark it as task and mark it as incomplete.

What is happening is that when those three rules are running at the same time, whenever I the task comes to the “To Do” section, and I approve it, it goes to the “In Progress”, it takes it to the “Complete” and immediately return it back to “In Progress” as shown below:

The activities that are executed can be seen below:

I don’t know why

Ah, @Samer_Jaber I think I see the problem: in your 3rd rule, you have the condition logic set to OR (instead of AND). You want both those conditions to be met to run that rule. Try toggling that to AND and running again.

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@Stephen_Li , it worked. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it a lot. :slight_smile:

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