Issues creating a project from Salesforce Flow

I am having issues creating a project in Asana from a Template using the a Flow in Salesforce.

I am able to successfully create a project in the with a Flow using this Action trigger called Create Asana project from template v.2 but I would like to use the other trigger called Create Asana project from template because it allows for Dates to be used from Saleforce and pushed to Asana.
Image 5031

Why is it working on one of these Actions but not the other? They are asking for the same info in both. Just the Team and Template IDs. How are these two different?

Does not work:

Does work:

I get this email error:

A few years ago, Asana changed the whole format of their project templates to a new format called “v2”. I suspect the other action (not labeled “v2”) refers to the old original project template format which doesn’t exist any more within Asana, hence the failure.

The above is a hypothesis on my part but I doubt you’ll be able to use the non “v2” action now.

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