Issue with previews in tasks when photos are loaded from OneDrive


I am having a problem with integration between OneDrive and Asana.

We are consulting & marketing agency. So one of the reasons we want to use Asana is to plan Social Media posts. Unfortunately, while the OneDrive and Asana accounts got integrated, there is no preview of photos in Asana. It’s quite crucial for the photos to work as a task preview and within task to be able to seem them in lightbox.

GoogleDrive or uploaded pictures are fine - the issue exists only with OneDrive (O365 Business subscription).

So far, I am on the trial with my team - not only that one of the key feature’s not working, but despite having reported this on Tuesday night, still haven’t received any reply.

Not a good attempt to convert us into a regular Asana client.

Any ideas?


Hi @Dominik_Kasztelaniec and thanks for reaching out; let’s see if we can work this out together!

Can you confirm if this is happening with all things you’re attaching with OneDrive?

Could you also check if this is happening with different type of files, or if this is specific to JPGs?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Marie,

Well, following further analysis, I have found that:

  • it’s with all types of images
  • set a photo as a task cover photo: regular upload, Google Drive, OneDrive
  • view tiles inside a task: regular upload
  • view image in lightbox: regular upload, Google Drive, OneDrive
  • view attached images in comments: regular upload, Google Drive, One Drive

What is common is that it won’t let you see images from SharePoint shared libraries / Office 365 groups. The only option is to be redirected to SharePoint directly.

So it seems that the biggest issue is with SharePoint groups. Yet, tiles from OneDrive or Google Drive are not visible too.

In regards to the security permissions, they are set at the relatively low level (i.e. anyone in the group can share a link to the external guests).

Any ideas?