Issue seeing attachments in Mobile app

I have team members newly using the app, to find it gives no ability to work remote from the office! Absolutely none of the files attached to a project can be viewed, it is simply a basic messaging service. How do we disable the app, and access Asana on the phones web browser?

Hi Nikki,

What file types are they? I’m able to view attached files on the Asana App. Remember, you need to have the applicable apps downloaded onto your phone to open the different file types. It may be an issue with the file types and appropriate apps for viewing those files on the mobile devices. Can you give more information on the issues that you are having with the app? We may need to move this thread over to the Reporting Bugs if something needs to be fixed.



They will be a mix of Word, PDF and jpegs to do with construction projects.

Asana have just said attached files cant be viewed in apps. So, what is the app designed for then?

Hmmmm, remember files open differently on the phone or mobile device compared to the computer. Files are downloaded rather than opened automatically. Are you sure that the files are in your downloaded folder of your phone? You should be able to access them there and open them from that folder.


Hi Katie,

When on mobile it still does not show PDF’s.

Is this not possible yet?

Thank you,