Issue loading list of projects in the Sidebar

I noticed some kind of bug, when the list is too long, at some point, I need to click on “show more” multiple times to finally get the full list (please see screenshot).
chrome-capture-2023-6-11 (1)

Feel free to move my post to the Bug section

Chrome last version / Enteprise

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Hi @Arthur_BEGOU , thanks for your post :slight_smile:

Please note that this is expected behaviour as the sidebar doesn’t display every project when there are too many, so there is a “show more” button where you can click to view the full list.

Hope you find this information helpful!

Hi @Ainhoa_Rico

Thanks for your answer, but as you might see in my gif, I have to click 4 times before anything happens (the list remains the exact same for 3 clicks on “Show more”) and then finally I can see the end of the list of projects.

I doubt this is the expected behavior, at least that’s not the one I was expected :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance for having a second look

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Hi @Arthur_BEGOU, thanks for your reply and apologies for the confusion, as the gif does not display that behaviour very clear.

I suspect that this could be caused by a browser issue.

Please take a moment to try the troubleshooting tricks I’ve listed below:

  • Test Asana on another supported browser. If it works in Firefox but not in Chrome, for example, this indicates that the problem may be with Chrome, and one of these steps may help fix it.
  • Disable browser extensions while using Asana. You can test this by using an incognito or private browsing window. This disables browser extensions by default. If it works in incognito/private mode, you may need to try switching off some of your extensions to see if any are causing conflicts with Asana.
  • Update your browser to the latest version.
  • Clear your browser’s cache.
  • If you find that you’re still running into problems, I would highly suggest downloading the Asana desktop App to rectify your browser issues.
  • If you are using the desktop application, I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app

I would encourage you to try all of the above suggestions. Once we know more, we can investigate further, thanks

Hi @Ainhoa_Rico

This seems to happen in only one of my demo account (I’m an Asana consultant).

I’m fine not investigating further, probably a very edge case.

Thanks for your help :wink:

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Hi @Arthur_BEGOU, thanks for letting me know!

It seems that it might be just a small glitch in our system, and I apologise for that! If the issue seems to persist and/or it starts happening on other accounts please let me know and I’ll be happy to escalate it further :), thanks!

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