How to 'show more projects'?

On the left-hand side column of Asana, if there are more than 5 projects, it automatically collapses and says ‘show more projects’. Is there no setting to allow more projects to be shown at once? Seems to be a rather big oversight?

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Hi @Jinx, you bring up a good question. I’m glad to report that there is a total redesign of the side bar that is planned for rollout to all customers over the next few weeks. The update includes how teams are displayed under their projects in the sidebar. You can read more about this announcement here: Coming soon: Asana redesign to help you find what you need quickly and easily

This screenshot shows how projects will be displayed under their corresponding teams, with with a scrollable list for each.

These changes will make it much easier for users to find their information, and will help Asana organizations scale more effectively with less feelings of overwhelm.

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@David_Nelson, Of course, you’re correct about the new design, but are you aware that the new design doesn’t prevent the display of Show more projects? Thus, I don’t think your reply specifically solves this request.