Increasing default number of visible projects on sidebar



I use Asana, and have one team and 10ish projects, every time I load the webpage the sidebar only shows me the top 5 projects with a “more projects”, I would love to be able to load all projects or change the number shown by default, rather than clicking this “more projects” button every single time?


@Justin_Seals, could you favorite each of the 10 Projects (by clicking the star next to the Project title)? All 10 Projects would then appear at the top of your left hand sidebar and solve for needing to load all the Project each time. Let me know what you think!


Hi Sarah, thank you for that.

Yes, I already thought of that, I just have individual members and specific lists favourited up there, it’s nice keeping projects seperate form those favourites - but ideally just seeing them all =]


It’s been a year and this is still the same, so I’d like to say that I, too, would love this feature. There’s nothing but blank space beneath the project list, which makes it a little frustrating that projects are being hidden. Especially since this is a program whose entire purpose is organizing multiple projects; shouldn’t the different projects be front and center?