Increasing default number of visible projects on sidebar

I use Asana, and have one team and 10ish projects, every time I load the webpage the sidebar only shows me the top 5 projects with a “more projects”, I would love to be able to load all projects or change the number shown by default, rather than clicking this “more projects” button every single time?


@Justin_Seals, could you favorite each of the 10 Projects (by clicking the star next to the Project title)? All 10 Projects would then appear at the top of your left hand sidebar and solve for needing to load all the Project each time. Let me know what you think!

Hi Sarah, thank you for that.

Yes, I already thought of that, I just have individual members and specific lists favourited up there, it’s nice keeping projects seperate form those favourites - but ideally just seeing them all =]


It’s been a year and this is still the same, so I’d like to say that I, too, would love this feature. There’s nothing but blank space beneath the project list, which makes it a little frustrating that projects are being hidden. Especially since this is a program whose entire purpose is organizing multiple projects; shouldn’t the different projects be front and center?


I highly recommend this feature as well. We have 5 teams with 50+ projects and its really annoying to open up all teams as a manager to see an overview. Can you please add this soon?


Every time the Asana desktop app is loaded, it doesn’t show all projects and we have to click “show more projects” to see them all. These “hidden” projects are very important to our workflow and it would be VERY helpful if they were always visible. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is PLENTY of empty space to display a few more projects. (and in the case that there wasn’t empty space, the left sidebar should become scrollable)

Is it possible to set that the project list in the left menu bar should always be expanded\displayed? (the same way you can have sections always expanded) and if not, can you please add this to the feature section so it can be voted on?

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This is not possible as a setting so @Emily_Roman will be able to move your request!

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We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this topic: Increasing default number of visible projects on sidebar

This was posted almost 4 years ago. I guess there’s no hope for Asana changing this annoying behavior ever.


While it is not in our short-term plans at the moment, it doesn’t mean this isn’t something we will consider in the future @Zvi_Twersky. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Please add this feature! There’s no way that 5 default projects are enough… EVERYONE using Asana is having this issue

Its beyond frustrating. Makes my day so much harder… thanks ASANA. Wish I could send you a bill for the wasted time.

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Yes, I am extremely surprised that this is not a priority. Are they assuming no one works on more than 5 projects at once?

@Jinx the new sidebar allows you to see more than 5 projects at once, maybe you can get back here once you have the feature enabled to share your feedback?

Asana I believe is going the same direction I have been going myself for years: the sidebar is not the right place to navigate to a project deep within a team, there are other options more efficient: search, portfolios, favorites, access from the task…

I see what Asana is trying to do. Removing features to force people to upgrade and pay for portfolios.

The search is slow, I should not have to type the name of a project in each time. I work on 80-100 at once. Typing a search each time is laborious.

This is a giant fail for Asana. I used to recommend them all the time to colleagues. No more. I will recommend Basecamp instead.

Not a single viable UI solution would allow you to go quickly to a project amongst 100. Any solution would have drawbacks for others.
Asana definitely want people to upgrade some way or another, but in this case I do not agree and believe you are being unfair.

Sorry, all we are asking for is to be able to show more than 5 projects under a team. This is not rocket science. Forget about 100 projects, you can’t even do 6.

In addition, the solution proposed is to use the search bar, to find a project?! Or to run through drop-downs to find a single project? Sure, if you have 500 projects, its not an easy solution.

However, for a large number of teams, they just want to be able to see more projects down a team without having to ‘see more’ with an additional button. This is 5 lines of code. My curiosity is what is the downside of implementing this, why is there an arbitrary limit on just 5 projects? The limitation of 5 is surely an oversight.

Read back my message above: the new sidenav shows more than 5 projects when you open the menu of a team. You don’t have the new design yet?

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce the new Sidebar is now available to all customers.

With the new Sidebar, you can now see more than 5 projects under each team! See more details about this update in this Forum Leader tip: ✅ Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

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