Is there an Asana project template for setting up Asana for your organisation?

I am setting up Asana for my team and I wondered if there was a ‘project management’ template specifically for setting up Asana? Want to make sure I don’t miss anything and it would also be a good example of a project!

Hey @Victoria_B and welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:
Bit difficult to say which template exactly you are looking for without knowing the field you work in because even templates for PM work can be very different and really also depend a lot on your internal company structure.

You can however find some templates here Asana Templates - Free Project, Management and Business Templates • Asana and
Maybe you can find exactly what you are looking for :smiley:

And I also recommend to read a bunch of posts in this forum that are about getting started with Asana, how to onboard team members to Asana, and many tips and tricks.

Here are some examples:

Also might be helpful for you: 🧭 The Asana admin compass

And here is something as well:


Hi @Victoria_B,

I think what you’re looking for is covered in this Asana Guide page:

and at the end of it in More Resources is:

which will create a project in your Asana (you may need to move it to another team after if you want).

(@Andrea_Mayer I stole the solution since I think this is a more specific and shorter answer, but feel free to grab it back if you prefer!)



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Hey @lpb all good and yes accurate. I was actually trying to find the Why Asana post in the forum yesterday as I know we had a nice one as well, but could not locate it.

What you shared is perfect

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