Is there a way to undo a typing error

I accidentally overwrote some information in a task description by copying & pasting the wrong information. I can’t find any way to undo it, and that information was important and not written elsewhere. I searched the forum and there was mention of an Undo command but I can’t find it.

This is very scary! Or is undo only a feature in a paid version?

Hi @Suzette_Mack, have a look at the task activity (in the comments section), you should be able to click on “Show Difference” and copy your original description from there!

We already have an Undo function, but it doesn’t allow to undo typing error. We’ve plans to improve this feature but in the meantime, I would recommend adding your vote to Undo actions if you haven’t yet!

Thank you but that change is not showing. It shows a previous change, and the info I added once I gave up on recovering the info.

It might be because I panicked and tried several other things first, including RIght Click - Undo.