Is there a way to link Microsoft Planner with Asana?

My company uses both Microsoft 365 and now Asana because we have a couple people who prefer that. I have been using Planner for most of the last year and have a ton of information in there… Now I’m being told it has to be in Asana (a program that they have removed me as a user from once before [budget constraint] and I lost all my information). I really don’t want to use Asana for this reason, because it can be taken away and all my notes and information is lost.

So I’ve been using Planner which works just fine. Too much of what my company does relies on Microsoft 365 so it felt like a safer task management web app. Naturally, not one person tried it or looked at it and now I’m having to navigate the most efficient way to move forward, without fully trusting an app that I have no control over whether I “get to” keep it long-term.

To be clear - I don’t need more notifications. When I tried giving access to the Microsoft 365 Connector with Asana, nothing happened, except more notifications. I’m not interested in more garbage emails. I want the tasks on my Planner board to be reflected on an Asana board. The two web apps are basically the same in that funtionality. I need some insight. I understand that I can export my data and import it to the other app, which is not a sustainable option moving forward. I need it to constantly communicate and update the tasks I’m working on in Planner to go to an Asana board - which can show up on the radar of the people on Asana.

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Sorry to hear of your situation - not great from your standpoint!

There aren’t any built-in ways to integrate Planner and Asana, which leaves third-party tools. I looked and unfortunately wasn’t able to find any that would do a full sync between the two systems. Maybe others here know of one. (Although I also worry a bit about the cost; I doubt you’d be wanting to spend too much money as I suspect it would probably have to come of of your own pocket.)

Another option is to have a developer build an integration for you, but that would definitely not be inexpensive.

Hello, you can use PowerAutomate from Microsoft

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It works to some extent with using Power Automate, as mentioned.

I have setup this on my power automate account and create a «flow» using the trigger «When a task is assigned to me».

When someone in Planner is assigning me a task it will appear in MyTask. You could choose to create a task in other projects.

But my mission is to slowly move everyone from Planner to Asana, since a basic functions like having a task in multiple projects, templates and communicating around tasks is much better in Asana.