Is there a way to copy an excel table and add it to the task description?


Sometimes I feel like the information I have to add to the task description is easiest to comprehend in a table format… is there anyway to add a table to the task description? Thanks!


No there isn’t, if the information is in sheets format I’ll attach the sheets to it for reference.

You could also try a picture of it? Sorry =(


Urgent need to add tables and also image thumbnails inline within the text (not as feed)


I use a image capture program for Windows called PicPick I can capture a relevant part of a spreadsheet. It opens in the program and I click copy and it creates a PNG file. I paste into a comment and it shows the picture. Have not been successful pasting into the description. Once in a comment you can pin the comment to the top. My guess is your table is only so big that you want to see visually versus an attachment. Hope this might be a solution. I would guess that MAC users have same tools. Windows Snipping Tool does the same thing, I just like the versatility of the package mentioned.


Yes but then text from images can’t be copied. Today I had to share a chart (“n” columns), with numbers/money. Sending an image will make other users unproductive because they will need to type each number manually, and surely make mistakes.
Attachments work but some info is better when displayed directly, again from a productivity perspective.


I definitely hear you that support for tables in-line would be really useful. One possible stop-gap might be to use fixed-width text (with cmd+shift+M), but that would still involve some manual work to make sure the columns line up correctly.


Hey @Vina

This is a great idea though not possible through Asana just yet. Happy to pass on this feedback to our team to consider :slight_smile:


Excellent conversation here and educational. In thinking through the use of alternative formats in the description, I revert back to advice from one of Asana’s posts (I couldnt find it.) They suggest that you need Asana and you need a cloud storage option (Box, Google Drive, etc.) So, what I do, is post links to the cloud document in the description or use the Box Integration to attach. In learning and teaching Asana, I have found the following disconnect with being a creator vs. being a follower: As a creator, I find it is helpful to provide tons of detail. As a follower, I want only the process and tasks without the boring details. While this may not be a solution, it is a mind change that I have experienced in learning how to best use the software.


Thanks, please don’t hesitate with passing, it will be really great addition :slight_smile:


I’d vote on this, but there’s no button. Does anyone know if there’s another thread? Or is it worth adding to product feedback so people can vote to show their support?