New Description pane copy text between Microsoft / Google word / excel and Asana

Hello, how can I insert formatted text from Word and OneNote as well as tables from Excel into the descriptions. And how do I transfer the formatted content from Asana to Word, for example? When I paste text from Asana into Word all formatting is lost and every line has a number in front of it. This is super bad workflow to work with content across different platforms.

Compitors like and clickup have text fields here where the text format or excel tables just could be copied between the apps

Why did you install here such a silo??? At this point this is a big deal breaker, because that is a daily usage need.

I don’t think there is anything you can do, Asana might not be formatting the copied text properly. When you copy something, it could be stored in a different way than how it looks. I moved your post into the Product Feedback category.