'Copyable' tables in task Descriptions (for pasting into eternal spreadsheet)

One can copy-n-paste a table from Excel or Apple Numbers into an Asana Task description, but it’s seemingly not possible to do so in the opposite direction.

Especially given tables in descriptions are a relatively new feature in Asana I find this quite surprising (and frustrating). Copying and pasting tables seems to work across many different platforms, web pages, etc.

Could this be fixed?

My use case:

I want to collect some data from my team (in separately assigned subtasks, with an empty table with labeled columns already in the Description) and then collate into a Numbers (or Excel) spreadsheet for my own purposes.

At present it seems the best I can do is link to an external cloud-based spreadsheet, but this seems unnecessarily complicated for what should be a quick process for each team member.

(Or even for copying into an external spreadsheet with a limited lifespan. :wink: )