How to create a table in Asana?

Hi there,

We have a Word doc table with that is updated weekly (new rows added) before it’s emailed. Is it possible to create the table in Asana and just make the weekly updates made to it there? It’s only text and has about 7 columns per row.

Thanks in advance.


Could you set up as a project in board format. How many rows are typical?

The table has about 20 rows, with maybe 2-3 added per month. Is there a limit on the number of rows in board format?

Are rows deleted as new are added? Because rows are tasks you should have plenty available

Rows need not be deleted as new ones are added.

Attached is a screenshot of a sample table. Not sure it’ll appear in the thread.


Hey @KeithF, maybe it easier to provide you with a solution, if we knew what your table is about. I am not sure, if Asana is the right tool to depict ‘standard’ tables. However, I usually looked at what we did with the tables we used (before implementing Asana) and then tried to find a way of depicting the same information in Asana. Not sure, if a table is always the right choice. :wink:
Maybe you could use custom fields to save the properties of your columns?

Hi Tom, The table is used to track and communicate highlights of new product features. Attached is a screenshot sample. -k



Keith, print your table out as a PDF or JPG file and it will upload properly in Asana Community post.

It won’t let me since I’m new to the community. :confused:

I’ll make a right approximation:

Column 1     |     Column 2     |     Column 3     |     Column 4     |     Column 5     |     Column 6     |     Column 7     |
Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |
Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |
Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |     Contents      |

Some contents are just a few words, while others are a short paragraph.

@KeithF would @James_Carl’s suggestion of setting up a board project work as a solution? It depends on how tightly your row content needs to be tied together. Because each content cell would be a task, it would automatically populate at the top so the project might require a little formatting on your part.


@keithf In Board view, remember you see the task description. You can still add comments when opening the task, so would want to keep the description concise and use comments for anything further.

How do you see the task description in board view?? Mine is only showing the task name - it would be incredibly helpful for me to have the description show up as currently it doesn’t work for my purpose and that would fix the problem.

Do you know if there also a reason that you can’t add a task description when creating a task within a board? If I just try to add a task to the column using the plus at the top I can only enter the task name, it wont let me fill in a description, any of the custom fields for the project, or add tags.

@Jules_Butler I believe you are correct it is Task Name, now Task Description. Sorry

Yes, I think that is just how boards currently work. You have to “enter” the task name, then open the task to fill in the remaining details (description, custom fields, etc.) After that, custom fields, tags and images will display on the front of the board, but descriptions never do.

Sorry if this isn’t a workaround for you.

I successfully put a table in comments. I did this by doing the following:

  1. Designed table at ASCII Table GEnerator. Copy output.
  2. Paste output into Asana Comment.
  3. Make text monospace to ensure layout (Ctrl-Shift-M).

You may also paste tables from Excel. Highlight table in Excel. Copy table.
When pasting into Asana Comment, use Ctrl-Shift-V to paste.


Sorry, I didn’t get a notification for your reply. In that case, I’d organize the information into custom fields (so each column would be a custom field). This way it is easy to fill and to maintain as well as to get a general overview (using colors :rainbow: ).

Hope this didn’t come too late (8 months) :smiley:

Very nice solution. Thank you

Here’s another related post I made a long time ago

Not sure if it’s worth combining these, @Marie.

How do you paste tables and retaining their borders? Some information is better presented in tables. I tried pasting using CTRL+SHIFT+V and it retained the values in tabular structure but with no borders so data is cluttered.

Hi Ying,

No, this is not currently possible to do. Asana’s rich text supports just a subset of HTML capabilities and tables are not something that it supports.

Probably the closest you can get is to take a screen clipping of the table and paste it into the task. Not the same, I know, but might be better than nothing depending on your needs.