Is there a way to Assign priority with Google Forms?

I tried to asign priority status using Google Forms and Zapier, but didnt manage to achieve it,

First I tried using Custom entry that imports 1 to 3 on a scale, but it Asana wasnt able to do it, (It was obvious since there is no way to interpret the scale). Then I tried using multiplechoice and passing directly de values High, Medium and Low, using the value from the form, but still Asana wont create the task with the priority marked by the form, even thou Zapier gives the option.

Is it a bug within Asana? or with Zapier Integration? or Im not passing the values the way it should be?

Could you share some screenshots of your zap?

wont create the task with the priority marked by the form, even thou Zapier gives the option

especially that part

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I tried to send the Screenshots, but since I just started, the forum wont allow me to upload my screenshots

But I can give a transcript and a Link to the Zap

gid: 1197123102615254
resource_type: custom_field
resource_subtype: enum
type: enum
name: Priority
enabled: true
enum_value: null
gid: 1197123102615255
resource_type: enum_option
enabled: true
name: High
color: red
id: 1197123102615255

Got the upgrade today, are this screenshots enough?? or do you need something more specific?

Captura de pantalla 2020-10-05 145941 Captura de pantalla 2020-10-05 145911

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What’s the exact result you’re getting? It creates the task but the Priority field is not assigned; or it doesn’t create the task at all; or something else?

Also, is there anything showing any type of error message in the Zapier log?

(Also, I moved this topic to the Integrations section.)

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I am not sure but aren’t you showing in the screenshot the trigger part, reacting to a change in the Priority field of the spreadsheet?

I am not sure that you can add a value to a custom field only using Zapier standard integration. @Bastien_Siebman or @Phil_Seeman please correct me if I am wrong.

I’m pretty sure you can, if my memory is correct.

@Nicolas_Coral see my above questions - we need more info to be able to possibly help…

The result Im getting is creating the task but without priority, that is the only thing Im missing.

This is the result, in this task what I was trying to achive is that the priority would be assigned as Low, using a custom field that should be assigned from the Google Form capture, but I havent found the proper way to pass it to Zappier field that is marked as Priority, I already tried number scales, also passing “High”, “Low”, “Medium”, but hadnt had any luck with that.


You don’t need to use the “Custom” option in Zapier; it should work without that.

When you click on “Choose value…” for “Priority” in Zapier, it should display the enum values you’ve defined for that field and let you select the one you want to set in the new task. Here’s an example from my account:

Are you not seeing something like this in constructing your Zap?


Yeah, the problem is that I wish to create the priority from a field in a google form, if I use directly a value like High, Medium or Low, it will by default select that value instead of passing it from the form… or am I missing something?. Sorry I just started to use Asana last friday and Im learning on the go.

Ah, got it.

I’m afraid I don’t know of any way to convert an external value to an Asana “enum” custom field value in Zapier.

Thanks for the time mate

Short on time today, but I know in Zapier you can do a lookup, so that the High, Medium, Low that you get in the Google Form can be translated to the Asana GID value. If I get more time later, I can send a screenshot.

The gid value will give you the field, but how will you choose what option to add in this field?

Here’s the screenshot. It’s in the utilities section of Zapier:


I realize I am such a noob at Zapier :man_facepalming:

Clever :slight_smile: