Is there a Time Parameter which can be set on Jobs


When a job task is taken by a programmer we ant a time parameter to be assigned to that job. For example programer a sets a job as underway and we then wnt a time parametr of 2 hours to be set for that job irrespective of the date the programmer sets the job as underway. If the time parameter in this exampe of two hors passes before the job is set as complete we want the job to be listed in red. Does this functionality exist already or a derviavte that achieves the same goal. The due date functionlaity does not give us the ability to put a specific time parameter for a job irrspective of when it is taken.


@Lee_Mellor – Asana’s custom fields will help you achieve the time parameters you’re looking for. In fact, teams at Asana including engineering, product, and marketing, use custom fields for this purpose exactly. I recommend that you create custom fields for estimated hours and project status. Enter the time you expect the project to take and mark project status as new, on track, or overdue.

If you’d prefer not to have a custom field for project status, you could also drag and drop tasks into sections for project status.

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!!! How did I miss the webinar with Lili? Stuff like this is great, thanks for sharing.


@Caisha good news! We’ll be having a community AMA with Lili later this month. More info coming soon! :slight_smile: