Calculated Estimated Time Field

Hello. I have created a template project for managing our workflow in sprints. To use Asana’s Workload Management feature to better estimate the workload of each team member throughout the project cycle, I have added Asana’s “Estimated Time” field. We have carefully estimated the time for each task based on our baseline project. However, each project is different and will take more or less time for the same task based on the overall project parameters.

Can a multiplier be applied to the time field at the project level?

For example, if the time for a given task is 4 hours, and the project multiplier is 1.5. The result is that the project-specific time for that task is 4 x 1.5 = 6 hours.

Note: We are not using a timer or tracking actual time. This is for informational purposes so the assignee knows how long it should take them to complete the work.

Hi @RLTLSS_MVRK thanks for posting. You could use a formula custom field inside your project to accomplish this? So estimated time x 1.5.

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