is there a shortcut to start navigating the task list? (MacOS)

When I open a project on MacOS (using CMD-K, project search), the active area of the window is NOT the first task on the page, meaning that I can’t use the arrows to navigate the tasks unless I first use the mouse to click on the first task.
Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to the first task on the page ?
thanks a lot !

Hi @kxyz , welcome to the forum :smiley:

I don’t think there is a shortcut for this, but if you hit Cmd / (on Mac) or Ctrl / (on Windows) you get a complete list of Asana’s keyboard shortcuts to explore :wink:

:bulb: Also accessible from the :question: Help button in the lower left corner of the interface

thanks. it’s not there, i was hoping that there was a secret shortcut :slight_smile: it’s a bummer to have to use the mouse all the time. thank you.

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