Is there a notification in API when custom field values change?


I am thinking of sending a message to aws sms to push update to a custom app. Is there an event on custom fields that could be used in some way for this?


You can’t set a specific event only on changes to custom fields, the change event is at the overall task level (i.e. you’ll get a task change event whenever anything in the task changes). To know specifically that a custom field value changed, you’d store the custom field values somewhere on your end and then compare those values with the values that are on the task when you get its change event.


You can’t get a direct notification, but if a task you watch have a new “modifed_at”, then query for its stories.

You will see a new story with resource_subtype = “number_custom_field_changed”. (or other customfields change subtype enum value)

You can parse the .text property of that story, that will looks like:
‘changed customYear to “2015”’


Right. Just remember that stories are not a complete audit trail. Using this method he’ll potentially miss changes to a custom field if multiple changes are made consecutively by the same user within a 24-hour period.

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