webhook fires on some columns but not all of them

i can set a webhook on column cleaning_status (but not cleaning status without the _, but it doesn’t fire. this is what the column looks like on /events. how do i set a webhook that fires when this custom column changes?

 "change": {
        "field": "custom_fields",
        "action": "changed",
        "new_value": {
          "gid": "1183598215899870",
          "resource_type": "custom_field",
          "resource_subtype": "enum",
          "type": "enum",
          "name": "Cleaning Status",
          "enabled": true,
          "enum_options": [

I believe you can only filter on “custom fields” but not on one specific custom field. For a little more, see:

right you are! THANK YOU!!!

should be in the doc. how are we supposed to figure that out… thank goodness for the forum.

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