opt_fields on webhook?

Hello -

I have a question in regards to the webhook API. When you establish a webhook (POST /webhooks) are you able to specify the fields that you would like returned each time the webhook fires via the ?opt_fields array[string] parameter? It shows opt_fields as being option here as part of the data object - https://developers.asana.com/docs/establish-a-webhook

However when I try this I don’t seem to get the result i’m looking for…

ie. I set the filters object for the changes i’m looking for, but when the webhook fires on this criteria can I specify for it to send fields with it? Like the assignee and notes fields as examples, or would I have to do a follow up GET request on the resource to gather this data?

Here is an example I tried to establish a webhook with )which I can create the webhook okay but didn’t get the assignee & notes fields sent every time the webhook fires when a change is made to any of the fields specified in the filters object.
“data”: {
“filters”: [
“action”: “changed”,
“fields”: [
“resource_type”: “task”,
“?opt_fields”: [“assignee”,“notes”]
“resource”: “my_resource_id”,
“target”: “mywebhook_endpoint”

I also tried putting the options into it’s own object as specified here (https://developers.asana.com/docs/input-output-options) and didn’t have any luck there either.
Much appreciated in advance!

Hi @Lee_Bennett and welcome to the forum!

You’ll have to do a follow-up GET request. Webhooks are designed as a lightweight operation just to tell you something has changed; you have to follow up to get all of the detail data that you want.

Those aren’t opt_fields, those are fields that are used to set filters to limit the webhooks you receive to only the changes you’re interested in (if you want to set a filter/limit).