Webhooks Triggers

I’m using webhooks to get task updates in asana and have some custom fields which are part of the trigger for webhooks and based on webhook data received updating values back at asana through APIs.
But the issue I’m facing is that my webhooks are triggered when I’m updating certain fields which are part of custom fields in Tasks but we don’t want them to trigger webhooks on updating certain fields in custom fields of tasks.

Any help would be appreciated

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@Phil_Seeman will be able to help. In the mean time, I believe the philosophy with web hooks is to send a lot of things, assuming you will be filtering on your side…

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We are filtering webhook requests but custom fields are part of filter for webhooks and we are updating values of custom fields after processing webhooks in our application but in updating values once we update the custom fields webhooks again are triggered and this process goes on so my main query is that whether it is possible to restrict webhook event changes for custom fields for tasks or can we add specific custom field name as filter for webhooks?

Definitely not, that’s not supported.

I haven’t tried to filter on “only changes to custom fields” - I think it’s supposed to be possible… I know others have tried but I’m not sure if anyone has been successful. @Frederic_Malenfant do you know any more about whether one can filter a webhook on only “custom fields” changes?

Sorry I can’t help, we are not using webhooks in our app.

Maybe we should, to get data faster specially when the asana api becomes very slow with several seconds wait time!!

But I can’t help on that question.