Is it possible to use Asana to track equipment and calibration dates?

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if we can use Asana to create / list equipment and get prompted when a maintenance is required?

At the moment we haven’t fully committed to the full version but hoping this could argue the case!


Hi @Adryon_Zafra. Asana can most definitely be used in this manner. Any type of scheduled equipment maintenance &/or calibration events can easily be scheduled as reoccurring tasks with clear due dates and ownership. The owner will get notified when the due dates arises. There are lot of very expensive MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) types of software out there for tracking maint/calibration/WIP Flow…but in my opinion Asana can be set-up to accomplish a fair bit quite well. And the ability to upload tasks specific photos and history is great for continuous improvement. For example - Scheduled PMs (Team) → Machine A - PMs (Project) → Monthly 1 PM, Monthly 2 PM, …Quarterly 1PM (Tasks) → specific checklist type tasks (sub-tasks). A lot of options exist to set it up to suit your needs.

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Thanks Bernie!

Would you know if there is a way to “search” specific fields in Asana? We do have unique ID’s in the register at the moment so having a quick search tool will be of assistance.

The other thing as well is the the completed task checker. Would there be a way to get rid of clicking the tick box to get rid of it on your tasks?

Yes, you can search specific fields within Asana. Advanced search is only with Premium subscription and up. Using search & advanced search in Asana | Product guide • Asana

If you are referring to the My Tasks section within Asana showing your tasks, there is a way to set the default view to only show incomplete tasks and not completed ones. Once tasks are assigned to you, the only way to get rid of them would be to (1) complete it (tick check mark), (2) reassign it, or (3) delete it.