Keep Track of Electronic Equipment via Asana?


Greetings. We’re integrating Asana more and more every day into our company project management but as the person who also has to keep track of a small set of electronic equipment - serial numbers, who is using it, letting them sign it out, etc - and I am wondering if there is any way to do that within Asana somehow. Ideally, I’d like to put little RFID tags on each camera, lens, (etc) and always know who has it as well as make that person accountable for returning it. Thanks!



Hi Steve and welcome to the forum! I can see several ways you could set this up in Asana, including using custom tags for the equipment. However, the most simplistic way that I can imagine is to have a project set up for equipment that is checked out by you to other employees. Put the equipment name/number as the task and assign it to the individual that checked the item out. If you have a return date you can have that indicated in the task where it will be in their Asana My Tasks section when they need to return the item back to you. You would need to have at least a unique number labelled on each of the pieces of equipment at this time. You could also have a form to request equipment that pushed into Asana that notifies you when employees need to check items out.

Just some thoughts. I hope that helps,

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