ASANA for project management - Fire Protection Company,

I use ASANA for project management, I work with fire protection, I have also contractors that work with us, How Can I use ASANA for tracking task that I have created for them in different projects, How ASANA can help me???

For example: I have projects A,B and C with contractor Y, How Can I track task that I have created for them?. Actually I use TAGS, its works but I cannot see projects that I have assigned if the TAG is in a SUB-TASK.


I am not sure I understand your question. Do you mean the contractors are not in Asana but you want to track work you assign to them anyway?

Yes, that is correct, I wan to track work assigned to them. Any suggestion shall be usefull.

I have a special trick for this one:

Use the same email address to create several guest accounts that they will never know about but that you customize with their name and image.

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