Help setting up recurring tasks in Asana to track work completed each week

Hi there - not sure if my title is completely accurate to what I’m asking for so sorry in advance. I’ve been tasked with creating a custom board for my team members and I to track recurring tasks that we do daily. Examples: Doing office walk-throughs, sorting the mail, emptying trash and shred bins, etc. I’ve created tasks in separate columns based on their point/weight S-M-L-XL, and have them set to occur M-Fri.

Ideally, each user would assign themselves the task for which they’ve completed that day and then mark them completed, which moves them automatically to the Completed column with the rule that I’ve set up. In order to track what tasks each person has done each week, is it possible for the task marked (Sorting Mail - Mon) for Monday to remain in the completed column, while the same task for each of the other days of the week (Sorting Mail - Tues, Sorting Mail - Wed, etc.) remain in the original column that has their point/value?

I don’t believe that’s possible. My suggestion; get rid of the Done column, and hide completed tasks :slight_smile: