Is it possible to copy a whole template and re-use in other Team?

Hi all, we are wondering if its possible to re-use or copy some templates.

This is what is going on: We have our own team available for each regular customer/customer with 6 templates, because these are the choices that the customer has and regularly purchases from us.
These 6 templates are the same for every customer, but we now have to create them separately for each team. If there is a change in 1 template, this means that we have to go to 24 teams and make a change to each template. Is it possible that we can copy and paste the 6 templates into the required team? That saves us a huge amount of work if we have to create each template separately for each new team that joins.

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Hi @Iris7 – Welcome to the forum!

When you create a project from a template you are not restricted to using a template associated with that team. If the issue is that someone from one team may not have access to the team housing the template you can create a team that houses your templates.

When you choose to create a new project from a template you can select the team that houses the template from the dropdown.

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