Is it possible to complete a project via the API?

Just a quick question.
Is it possible to complete a project via the API?
I want to use triggers to automatically complete a project. Is this possible via the API?

Hi @Paul_Grobler,

Yes, via setting the project status with Asana

The trigger is a separate matter.

Hope that helps,



Hi Paul,

When you say “triggers”, can you clarify - do you mean Asana rule triggers, or you’re just referring to “trigger” generically to mean some change that you’ll capture via the API, or ??

For clients, I created automation to publish a complete status for any archived project for example, or archive/complete any project older than 6 months and without incomplete tasks. Very handy to have such automations around!

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Yes, I refer to trigger in a generic way. Like the option mentioned by @Bastien_Siebman. Another trigger could be a specific milestone or the last milestone in a project.

Well, Asana has lots of events that you can listen to via its Events or Webhooks API and use those events to trigger your code to mark a project complete. It’ll be a matter of seeing whether the specific trigger event you want is available via the API.