Is it possible to attach a Google Drive folder?

Sometimes, we need to attach dozens of files for a task (for things like product certification or tasks that need to fill out a bunch of forms). The problem is, people need to be able to 1) download them all at once and 2) open individual files. Right now, the assignee uploads a zip file that contains all the documents; when we need to read an individual file, we need to download, unzip, and open the file.

Being able to attach a folder would be an ideal solution that covers both problems.


We just put the URL to the folder in the task description field.


Aaaah, that makes sense… /facepalm

Asana needs to integrate google drive better so that You can share a google drive folder. Not limit it to just sharing Documents. It would be a better approach than finding creating a link, sharing the link, and posting it to asana.


I agree with this 100%


Please add my vote for the ability to share by folder instead of or in addition to sharing individual files.



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Don’t know when the feature was added, but I can attach folders now.

When adding an attachment using the “Attach a File” > “Google Drive” menu, you can double-click on a folder to dive deeper, or select the folder and click “Select” on the lower left corner to attach the whole folder.