iOS file attachments


Does anyone know if there is any plans for iOS users to be able to upload file attachments - not just photos?

I want options like the attached from within the Asana iOS app.


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I’ve been in dire need of this for a while now. I use my iPad a lot on the go for work, and iPhone too. But can’t use asana on my iOS devices to the full potential coz I need to wait to get back to my Mac to attach a file to a task that I might have receive from a client in an email while onsite or on the go. Very frustrating


I totally agree with you…it’s possible for Android so the question is: it’s a Apple limit or an Asana limit?


Really? The iOS app has a ‘More’ option…

I would be delighted if you could send me a screenshot of that.


That is strange, as you will see from the attached pic the options you have are not available on my app???

I wonder if this is a regional thing as it looks as though you are from the States where as I am from Australia.

Before posting my question I did read the Asana guide and that too states that it isn’t available on iOS, only Android.

So which version App are you running and from which (country) store?
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K, thanks for sharing. It’s good to see that something is likely to be happening with this.


According to asana, this is something they are working on but haven’t release yet. There is no way to select documents from other document sources other than photos


Is there somewhere to send requests like this? I’m shocked they don’t have this - this is a must have for users who are in the field and away from their desk


Btw… I did find a workaround. If you use something like Google Drive or dropbox to store your documents you can go there on your iPhone or iPad and just get a link and paste the link in your description in your Asana task and you can ask access it that way.


thanks! good idea…


@Inspire we’re collecting your requests here in the community. :slight_smile: For more information about how we take your requests in the community I suggest you take a look at


Glad I found this thread…

My colleague has the “Import from file” option on his iPhone 7 as does my other colleague with an iPhone 6.

Problem is I don’t have that option.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thank you in advance


Hi Graeme,

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve reached out to my colleagues on the product team to see if they can provide guidance. In the meantime, could you answer these questions:

  • What kind of mobile device are you using?

  • Are you using Asana Free or Asana Premium?

  • To confirm, where are you hoping to see the “Import from file” feature and not seeing it?

Thanks! Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this.


Hi Graeme,

I spoke with my colleague on the product team and it appears that your colleagues have been added to an A/B test for the “Import from file” feature on iPhone. Unfortunately we are unable to turn this feature on for specific users at this time, but we’re glad to know you’re interested in this feature. Thanks for your feedback!

For clarification - this feature is currently being tested and only rolled out to a small group of customers. Running tests like this allows our team to ensure we are providing the most value to you as quickly as possible—by building a feature, gathering learnings, and iterating based on these learnings. We hope to release the feature to all Asana users soon!


@Alexis is there anyway to delete pictures / attachments on ios? I have a staff member who takes pictures of dev samples and uploads them, he made a mistake the other day and uploaded to the wrong place. He could not figure how to delete the pictures he uploaded and sent me a message, I deleted easily from my computer. I went to ios to look for myself and i can’t figure it out either.


I believe you’ll have to do these from the desktop app. But if this is a feature you’d like, feel free to create a thread about it in #productfeedback!