Introducing Start Times for Tasks!

Love this!


Do you know if Integromat has incorporate the Start_At section for their Asana Integration as yet?


Is there any timeline @Rebecca_McGrath for integrating this field in zapier ( ?

@Lukas_Kerecz It will be upto Zapier to add this ability to their integrations.

Asana has exposed the API field, but Zapier will need to update their app to so you as a user can utilise it.

Hope that helps.



Setting a rule assigned to this time is the first step for me towards having personal reminder functionality within Asana - I set the rule to post a message on this

Nice feature!

Is the timezone used for the task the one set for the organization or from the task creator?

We’re an async team in 10+ timezones … so this is kind of key!


Hi! This new update looks awesome! I have a question that I’m hoping you’re already considering. My team and I use Outlook for our emails + calendar. I know about the Outlook integration with tasks, but would it be a possibility to integrate the Outlook calendar into Asana as well? I could see that, in combination with the times for tasks, working well together. That would allow me (as a PM) to plan out every minute of a 40 hour week for my team. Without having the calendar integration, I don’t see it being as helpful as I don’t add meetings to Asana. Asana is so great at having things in multiple places without duplicating anything, so I could see this doing the same thing. Thanks!

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Hey @Jason_Woods , thanks for bringing my attention to this!

I shared the info with the development team and we are looking into this :+1:

I’ll keep you posted on how things progress :slight_smile:

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Hey @Morgan
the time zone is determined based on your IP address. You can read more about it here:

How can I change my Time Zone in Asana?

Asana’s clock is determined by your computer’s time zone setting. Meaning, if you go on vacation or travel abroad and your computer time zone changes, your timezone in Asana will also change.


Hey @Anna_Keltner,
I recommend to leave your vote here

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Thanks everyone for your feedback and questions! :slight_smile:

@Morgan adding to what Andrea mentioned, start time should show up in the local time, no matter where you’re located. So a task starting at 5:00 PM Eastern Time should be starting at 2:00 PM Pacific Time.

@Herve_Buisset, this is currently not possible but definitely something really important to have! If you are interested, could you create a new thread in the #productfeedback category requesting this feature? This will allow other users to upvote and we can also keep you posted as soon as we have any news about this feature.

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I’m excited about the new start time field. I apologize if someone raised this specific issue:

When I create an .ics link to the calendar associated with a project, all timed tasks show up as all-day events. This is true whether I’m displaying the calendar in Outlook or Google Calendar.

I am looking for the ability to sync full timing of events with a regular calendar program. It still doesn’t seem to be working. I was really hoping that I could manage a calendar via asana, but not yet.

Yes indeed it does not exist, but the recent introduction of start time, in combination with due time, could allow Asana to go in that direction. That being said, there is an existing thread about 2-way sync with calendar, you’ll be able to find it easily using the search.

Hello @Rebecca_McGrath
I am wondering if this is done by design or something that would be best raised as feedback for enhancement.

Currently, when I create a task and decide to add a date range, when I enter a start date and click on start time, it immediately takes me to time for due date. I am unable to attached the screen video, but here is a screen shot - hopefully it is clear.

Wasn’t sure if this is by design or whether it is a browser / bug issue.


Hi @Rashad_Issa, the idea behind this is that a task cannot have a start time without a due time as the assignee does need to know when to complete the task as well as begin it. You’re redirected to the due time first so as not to forget to set it.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the prompt response. Ok the concept makes sense, though from a usability, not sure this is practical. I will keep giving it a go and see how that progresses. Maybe time will change the habit. :slight_smile:

It has been included in the API since rollout as data>start_at, similar to due time data>due_at, so it can be used in other zap apps like google calendar, but zapier (or a generous developer) will have to add it to the asana integration for the UI to send start_at back to asana.

The alternative is using webhook > custom request to send [‘data’][‘start_at’] to asana, which currently works just fine and isn’t very complicated to set up.

webhook custom request example

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Still I didn’t get this feature yet although I’m Business account

Hi @Hany_Abdulazeem_Elsa, this feature is currently available to all Premium and Business customers:

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 11.06.00 ----> Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 11.06.43

If you don’t see that option, I recommend you reaching out to our support and share a screenshot showing what you currently see when you try to add start time: How to contact our Support Team ✉


As of two days ago, none of my recurring tasks are populating in my account like they used to. They are in random sections such as “recently assigned” “later” etc. What got changed and how do I fix it? I have tasked scheduled to populate many months from now and there is no way for me to remember unless they populate in my task list as scheduled like they are supposed to.