Introducing Project Notes!

When do you expect the Notes functionality to become available? (Germany based company)

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Hi @Marijn_Rensink, welcome to our community! We don’t have an exact ETA yet, but we are closely monitoring this launch and will share updates as soon as we have them :slight_smile:

@Eileen_Hwang love that this has been released and have started using for one of my groups.

That tasks can be created from the note is great but would also find it very useful to have communication from tasks as well. Specifically, I have a project using the Meeting Agenda template.

If we could automatically import agendas created as a task (the task template Asana has created works well for us) where the description can become a note if tagged a certain way or some other trigger, that would be great, then we’ll just paste in the minutes to the second half of the note after the meeting (or update it using the sembly ai integration), it would speed up our workflow.

We see lots of potential with this new Notes feature. We’ve tested and tagged users but no one was notified/no notification in Inbox. What’s the point of tagging if no one receives a notification? Can this functionality be added?


Is there plans to provide integration to other note taking tools ?

Thanks for this great new feature. I do have a question though: it seems that these notes are not searchable. It this correct. If I were to take my meeting notes there making them searchable would be really useful.


can you please add a toggle section here?

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Thank you so much for all your feedback regarding importing agendas, @mention notifications, searchable notes and integrations with other tools. As this feature is quite knew, our Product team is tracking all the feedback received, and we do hope to be able to add these improvements in future updates :slight_smile:


Hi Eileen, Asana team,

well done for listening to feedback from the forums. This note feature is indeed a much requested and vital development.

Personally, though, it falls way short, for me. But as you said, it’s work in progress, and as such I’m wanting to see where it goes.

Most important to me is that you’re created a whole new data set. Which also means that you don’t have all the juicy stuff from the task structure, such as comments, history, multiple project references, customized fields, dates etc etc.

Second is the structure. As someone mentioned, you need to look towards Obsidian or Notion or similar; basically ANY structure would be an improvement over simply having each note as tabs.

For me, my first first point above could solve the second. If a note was simply a ‘different’ kind of task, that would work. I’ve personally already introduced this in my Asana world; I have separate date (other than due date) and type (note instead of task) field across all projects, which means that notes don’t necessarily gets completed, but instead remain open and alive.

Looking forward to see how you integrate this Notes module with the rest of the incredible Asana structure.



Super usefull! Tried it already for meeting notes and got good feedback from the team as well as you don’t need to open another file/tool to see it and it’s give a better overview than a “notes task” in my point of view.


I agree with everything you said @SimonSays. I was hoping that the new Notes tab type would follow the same format as tasks along with all of the features that would apply to notes. While it’s a great starting point and better than not having this functionality, it’s not was I was expecting. I would assume that they have considered this approach but there must have been other data and structure challenges.


This a great addition to Asana! A couple of things that would be great to see:

  1. An option to create a custom notes template that is automatically applied to all projects in our system.
  2. Since you can’t create an infinite amount of tabs (not that you would want to), it would be great to be able to choose a template again to be stacked on top or below a previously used one. Or an ability to create subsections that can be easily navigated back using a pop out side panel like a table of contents in MS word. – For example, meeting notes, you’ll want to be able to reference meeting notes from weeks previous.

I look forward to seeing the developments of this tool. Thanks!

This is very exciting - especially the part about creating tasks directly from text in a note! (I’ve been using Messages, but this functionality isn’t available there).

I see that this is getting activated on a roll-out schedule. Is it possible to get it proactively turned on for my company?

Also, is it available on desktop as well as web browser?

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Hi @Leann_Lam , these are great suggestions which would be even better if you posted each one in the Product Feedback category where yourself and others can vote on :wink:

This will also give them even better visibility for the product team to review!

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Depending on the use-cases, that makes a ton of sense. My last company was using Workplace by Meta / Facebook and their knowledge library was very helpful. Probably a bit more than the Notes feature but the history registers and admin control was a nice feature.

The Notes view will quickly be missing an automatic table of content I believe to make it a good tool for knowledge management

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Huge news. It is already active and deployed all over the world? I am in Spain. Do I have to activate it in any special way to be able to use it?

Hi @Pol_Sunyer1 have you tried refreshing your browser or restarting your desktop app?